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This brilliant little toll allows everybody to make realistic looking wing caseís for nymph without being a expert fly tyirs. The tool is developed by the Danish fly tier Henrik Juhl Petersen. On this page you can learn more about the tool and how to tie realistic nymph.




The Hjp  Nymph Tool is available in five different template, for Heptagenia, Swimming nymph, Stonefly and Damsel

Here you can see all the tamplate.


New Step By Step Biot-Heptagenia


On the Step By Step page you will find tying instruction how to tie nymph with wing cases made on the Hjp Nymph Tool

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Guest Tyer                                                                                                            

From Holland Johan send some fly.

Thanks Johan for testing the Nymph Tool

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How to make
wing case


wing case


Chenille legís


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Guest tyerís


Insects photo







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Insects Photo

Danica from

Dun to Spinner 

Timo Kontio from Finland send this stonefly .

Thanks Timo for testing the Nymph Tool

See more of Timo's fly 

Macro photo of Insects, Here you can find inspiration to you'r flytying, our just get a close look of the insects we imitate.

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