How to make wing case




Colour the template with a light colour. Here I use a yellow Prismacolor PM 18 or PM19.
When the wing case is dry and removed from the template , it will take the color from the template.


Cover the template with thick Soft Body. Put a drop in the centre of the template. Then drag the drop from center to the edge of the template.
Add a drop more and cover the tie in tag, and let Soft Body go 10 mm down on the shaft of the template.
Lay the template on a plan support, and let it dry.


The wing cases can be removed from the template after 2 to 3 hour. Star by the tie in tag, loosen the tag to the black line with a dubbingnedle or a fine point tweezer.
Take the wing case by the black line with a fine point tweezer, lift up and move forward.
If the wing case have a milky appearance it's not complete dry, then lay the wingbud on a plan surface and let it dry until it's clear.
The wing case is now ready for decoration.


How to remove the Stonefly wing case from the template.
Take the wing case by the black line with a fine point tweezer, lift up and move forward


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