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Material List
Hook : Tiemco 900 BL #12-18
Thread : Benecchi's 12/0 (70 D) white
Wingbud : HJP Swimming Nymph wing case
Underbody : Self adhesive lead

Eyes: Black Japanese Nymph Legs
Abdomen : Thin latex
Thorax : Fine dubbing
Legs : Small ÷strich herl
Tail : Synthtic quills
Color : Prismacolor Yellow chartrerse PM 24 Dark brown PM 88
Light tan PM 95
Varnish : Thin Soft Body



Put some self adhesive lead on the middel of the hook.



Tie in the tail, and split them with  the tying thread.



Tie in a 2mm wide latex strip 2mm from the tail



Stretch the latex and tie it down to where the tail starts. Make a even abdomen with the tying thread, take the thread to the eye.




Color the abdomen and the side of the latex that facing the abdomen with PM24 Yellow chartrerse.



Tie in the wing case as cloce to eye of the hook as possible and trim of the tag. 



Tie in a small piece of Japanese Nymph Legs on the top of the hook shank and biuld up a small head with the tyingthread.




Trim the Japanese Nymph Legs so there is 1 mm outside the head and melt the eye with a hot-point.



Wind the latex over the abdomen, Stretch the latex over the thorax and tie it down behind the head.



Color the abdomen with Dark brown PM 88, fold the latex back to where the abdomen starts



Take fiber's from both side of the feather for the leg's



Start with leg pointing towards you, let the bobbin hang, fold the leg a round the tyingthread and lift the leg over and in position on the side of the body, rotate the vice so the position of the other leg is pointing upwards, and tie the other leg.



Dub around the rear pair of leg's, tie in the next pair of leg's.



Fold the latex over the thorax and tie it down just behind the head.




Fold the wing case back and tie it down just behind the head, wiph-finish and trim of the thread.



Color the tying thread with Light tan PM 95, and coat the wing case with thin soft body.




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